The Experience

Long ago, expert storytellers were able to use the craft of voice and environment to impress upon their listeners. They took them through a journey of imagination that left their audience desiring more. Things are a bit different these days. Digital executions of ideas have dominated our present lives. And in many cases the physical world has been excluded from the narrative, but there in lies its weakness. Indeed, story can be made more powerful with a fusion of the physical and digital world. It is the combination of these worlds that extends ideas and brings life to the experience.

What is experience? The media industry has long held the belief that ‘Content is king.’ But content itself isn’t experiences. And without experiences we cannot create impressionable memories, lasting emotion, and give audience what they crave, what they need. It’s the imprint on their minds, the touch on their souls, the embrace of their hearts that truly make the difference. With this kind of impact people are stirred to action, rally behind causes, live and die for a moment of change.

As storytellers it is our responsibility and our opportunity to merge great content with strong experiences that stay with audiences and cause them to act. Content may be king but it’s reign will be short lived save for the emotional appeal of the queen, and the queen is experience.



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