In the almost beginning…

In the almost beginning…

I started a blog a long time ago but updated the content infrequently. Now would be a perfect time to rebrand and relaunch. However, keeping the history and my brand better serves as a reminder from where I came and documents my evolution. Therefore, after a hiatus, I’m back to deliver fresh content and add to the tapestry of my musings.

When you decide to present information to a new audience, it’s easy to get blocked by analysis paralysis. Questions arise about: What to share? How far back do you start the story? How transparent is too transparent? How do you make the content easily consumable?

To push past that block, let’s begin right here and right now. Since my days primarily as a cinematographer, I’ve journeyed through other areas of design and have landed in a career that continues to balance art and science. I’ve often said that I’m a storyteller in all its forms. Instead of limiting myself to photography, film, and video, I’ve expanded to websites, mobile and desktop apps, and the physical world as a human factors engineer. My primary role is UX research and designer @Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

I’m an advocate for best practices and thoughtful design having worked over the past 7+ years with non-profits, start-ups, digital agencies, and enterprise. I’ve been fortunate to work on projects for Toyota, Lexus, Cisco, TeleTech, Ribbon, Comcast, Complete Genomics, Pixmoto and more. Customer research is at the core, and I deliver content strategy, personas, experience maps, heuristic evaluations, information architecture, interactive prototypes, wireframes… well if you are in this industry, you know the plethora of collateral that gets generated in this role; it’s a lot of diverse content.

As I continue to document the journey, I invite you to subscribe or regularly visit in hopes that we’ll all be encouraged and elevate.