Managing Data

In the Software Defined and Cloud Group @ Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we are growing in both our vision, mission, goals, and deliverables as a research team. During the 1st half of 2017, we collected data from a variety of sources including articles, interviews, social and visual media. The share volume of customer interviews provided a great deal of data, but we lacked the tools necessary to process and analyze the data. To stay organized and increase our efficiency we needed a tool that can process the information we amassed. In June and July, we evaluated 3 of the top tools to that help collect, organize, analyze, visualize and publish data from qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research.

MAXQDA Analytics Pro, NVivo, and Atlas.ti all have their pros and cons, yet they have similar price points for comparable packages. In the end, we put forth a recommendation for MAXQDA. MAXQDA’s workflows and UI were straightforward and engaging. This software along with new access to other platforms significantly extends the ability and efficiency of our small team.

The addition of the free MAXQDA Reader, allows anyone to view, search and “dig through” MAXQDA projects. It makes it easy to share results with team members. With the MAX App for iOS & Android, you can maximize the collected photographs, text, audio, and video from field research, code and organize the data, and export it to MAXQDA, all from a smartphone.

Perhaps the other tools will get there someday, but for now, I anticipate we’ll invest in MAXQDA. The key is to get a process in place and don’t all of those insights from the data leak into oblivion.